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Total Pest Control Solutions in Hayes

Discreet mobile pest control in Hayes and the surrounding areas

Bedbug Removal

Fast, efficient removal of bedbug infestations across Hillingdon Borough & The Surrounding Areas

bedbug cleaning Hillingdon

Bedbugs live in the bedroom - Get Rid Of them now

At Total Pest Control solutions, we specialise in the removal of bedbug infestations from your home.

Based in Hillingdon, we are a mobile pest control business working across Hillingdon borough, South Bucks district, Three Rivers district and the surrounding areas.

Call us now to discuss anything bedbug related, from how do you get bedbugs, where to find bedbugs, bedbug bites, bedbug treatment, how to get rid of bedbugs, how to kill bedbugs, which spray for bedbugs etc.

Bedbug Treatment

Bedbugs have become resistant to many forms of bedbug pest control that were previously effective. By using our bedbug control specialists, you can be reassured that we only use the latest, safest and most effective bedbug treatments on the market. The bedbug treatment we use does not instantly kill of all the bedbugs in the treated structure, it will take at least 3-5 weeks for the bedbugs to gradually die off.

This is because bedbugs are affected only when they come into contact with the treated surfaces. And, as they do not feed on a daily basis, it may take a few weeks for all of the bedbugs to be eradicated.

It normally takes at least 2-3 treatments to totally eradicate all of the bedbugs.

Treating Bedbug Infestations

We offer a rapid same day response to safely and quickly deal with the treatment of bedbugs across Hillingdon, South Bucks, the Three Rivers district and the surrounding areas.

Where To Find Bedbugs

Bedbugs can be found in and around bedrooms, in cracks and crevices, floor-wall junctions, behind skirting boards, in light fittings, and normally within 5 feet of a bed.

Blood spotting on mattresses and nearby furnishings are classic signs of a bedbug infestation.

The presence of live bedbugs is the only proof of an active bedbug infestation. Once you are infested by bedbugs, they can be extremely difficult to eradicate without the help of an experienced pest control professional, specially trained in bedbug control, and the knowledge of how to get rid of bedbugs.

Bedbug Bites

Bedbugs are not the most severe of pests but are highly unpleasant to those in contact with them, causing bites and irritation to the skin.

Bedbug bites, can cause itching, insomnia, and anxiety, allergic reactions, rashes and infections of the skin and lymph glands.

How Do You Get Bedbugs?

A bedbug infestation has nothing to do with cleanliness – you can pick them up in the finest hotels, and they can enter into the cleanest of homes, at any time, but you can help reduce your chances of a costly bedbug infestation by catching them early.
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Chourouk El KosbiChourouk El Kosbi
17:37 15 Jul 24
I reached out to Gerry about a wasp infestation on a Sunday morning. He was incredibly helpful, explaining the procedure in a professional and friendly manner. He arrived on the same day and on time, coming by noon to resolve the issue. I'm really glad I contacted him.
Daniel StaniforthDaniel Staniforth
09:07 15 Jul 24
Gerry was polite, informative and efficient. He was fast to come out and reassuring to speak with. Hopefully we don’t need to do this again, but if we do, we’d call him back.
Nancy LudwigNancy Ludwig
08:29 13 Jul 24
I spoke to Gerry (The Wasp Man) from Total Pest Control about the wasp nest in our conservatory and he was there within the hour to deal with it. He was extremely professional, explained all about the procedure before doing a thorough examination to see the extent of the infestation. He then carried out the work efficiently and I’m happy to say the wasps are gone! Gerry was friendly, cheerful and knowledgeable I’m very happy to recommend him 😊
Mandip GillMandip Gill
10:35 21 Jun 24
I called Gerry as I had a swarm of bees in my garden. He advised that we cannot harm them and he arranged for a beekeeper to come out and take them. They came that evening and removed approx 25k bees from a tree in my garden! Thank you Gerry for your fast and efficient help 👍
James BowdreyJames Bowdrey
09:28 08 May 24
I had a swarm of honey bee's in a hedge which Gerry confirmed after I sent him a video, he then sent me the names and numbers of bee keepers in my area, one of them came and safely collected them.Gerry is very knowledgeable and helpful and also did not charge for the advice.One happy customer and one swarm of bee's safely saved. Thanks for your help Gerry 👍
Ken CarrolKen Carrol
10:02 19 Mar 24
Had Gerry around to help with some rodents . Very good and prompt. Thanks for all your help. No more rodents!
16:12 15 Mar 24
Gerry was brilliant and got rid of our pest problem! He responded quickly and professionally and was very knowledgeable. We would highly recommend Gerry from Total Pest Control Solutions. Thanks Gerry!
Marie GiamatteiMarie Giamattei
16:08 15 Mar 24
Brilliant service. Quick efficient, super polite and professional. Highly recommended
Mary HanrahanMary Hanrahan
16:06 15 Mar 24
Gerry was fantastic. He sorted out our rat problem very efficiently and quickly. He recommends actions to take to try and prevent future occurrences. Would highly recommend him if you have any infestation problems 👍
T FlowerT Flower
22:36 13 Feb 24
Exceptional service! Gerry is very professional and friendly. After I contacted him for the first time he came to our house the same day, within a few hours to get rid of a mouse issue. Every occasion he came he always gave me an ETA and was very timely. He was really thorough and set traps and bait to ensure he covered all bases after inspecting our house.He went above and beyond, gave invaluable advise as to how to block any potential entry points. Within 3.5 hours he worked his magic and his traps caught the mouse. He'd asked me to contact him if anything was caught and as promised, true to his word came the next day to dispose of it. Gerry did not charge me anything for this follow-up visit. We continued to monitor the traps and after a week it was safe to say there was only just the one that got in! He left some monitoring bait just in case to keep our mind at ease and was willing to leave the traps for a further week if we wanted.He is the best in the field and has a lot of patience and dedication. While I hope we do not need any further pest control assistance, I would definitely call on him again should we do so. I cannot recommend him highly enough – nothing short of excellent if there were more stars would add them!
suzi webstersuzi webster
12:20 14 Oct 23
Brilliant professional service. Thank you Gerry. Highly recommend
Martin BronkhorstMartin Bronkhorst
14:42 07 Oct 23
Very experienced and knowledgeableExtremely prompt , dealt with problem on the same day I contacted them
Wilfred WongWilfred Wong
21:13 30 Sep 23
Gerry is very professional and responsible. After I contacted him for the first time in August, he came to my house the next day to get rid of the wasps. He examined the situation carefully and applied spray to extinguish the wasp nest. He promised to take care of the issue until the end of this year. A few days ago, I noticed some wasps appearing around my house again. When I reported this to Gerry, he promptly came to my house the next day to assess the situation. He examined it carefully and explained in detail that the wasps might be from the neighboring house and passing by mine. True to his word, Gerry did not charge me anything for this follow-up visit. I truly appreciate his dedication, and I'm happy to provide positive feedback here. I am confident that I will contact Gerry again if I encounter any future wasp problems.
Tamar PincusTamar Pincus
10:13 29 Sep 23
Very fast ( same day!) , super friendly and efficient.
Marli HarwoodMarli Harwood
20:30 25 Sep 23
Gerry did a great job of getting rid of our wasp problem. Just wish I had called him sooner. Professional and good value. Won’t hesitate to call him again. Highly recommend
Iona BuckleyIona Buckley
18:25 15 Sep 23
Today we thought we had a huge infestation of wasps, Gerry attended extremely quickly and was friendly and professional. He went to the garden to investigate and realised they were in fact honey bees. He was very knowledgeable and let us know about the bees behaviour reassuring us we need not worry as they would not be sticking around. Thank you so much would definitely call Gerry again in the future and recommend to others.
Sallyann KeizerSallyann Keizer
19:31 26 Jul 23
Gerry reassured me on the phone and swiftly came out to deal with my wasp problem. As promised he got rid of the nest quickly, smoothly and with no fuss at all. It all came with a guarantee we haven’t had to use and I recommend him highly. Excellent, professional service - and with a big smile!

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