Got called to a property in Hayes, Middlesex UB4 that had a serious problem with rats being seen in the garden during the daytime, and also being seen, starting to gnaw at the rear kitchen door plinth.

When rats are seen during the day, this is a classic sign of a heavy infestation, as rats are normally nocturnal creatures.

We began a treatment for the rats, and advised the house holder to dispose of the bird feeder, and to clean up all the hedges and overgrown areas, and to repair the broken boundary fences.

Rats are attracted to bird feeders, ponds, decking, and overgrown gardens.

Glad to say, we managed to get rid of the rats in the garden in a very short time.

Another satisfied customer.

For total rat control, call Total Pest Control Solutions now on 02088481254 or 07833 438822

Click play on the video below to see one of the large rats that was visiting the bird feeder daily.

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