Are pigeons and other birds causing you a problem?

We use the latest bird proofing and bird control techniques to ensure any bird issues you have are sorted quickly and efficiently.

Are pigeons and other birds causing you a problem?

We use the latest bird proofing and bird control techniques to ensure any bird issues you have are sorted quickly and efficiently.
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Problems with Birds

  • Risk of infection
  • Damage to property
  • Additional insect pests can lead to bites and textiles damage
  • Bird droppings also increase the risk of people slipping and falling.

There are several signs of a bird infestation:

  • Bird droppings
  • Nests
  • High levels of insect infestation
  • Associated insect pests such as fleas and flies
  • Bad smells

Our Methods

Our approach to bird control and pigeon control is systematic.

Firstly we survey the extent of the bird control problem. This will then guide us to the most effective method of action.

Choosing the correct system of bird management will eradicate the chance of embarrassing and expensive failures. Each system is only effective against certain species of bird. Different systems have different abilities to withstand the “pressure” that the bird’s will exert in trying to get back onto the proofed areas.

Bird mesh, bird netting, bird spikes and bird wire are used to prevent the birds from roosting, without harming the birds.

Bird Fouling Removal

We are specialists in bird fouling removal and facade cleaning.

At best unsightly, unhygienic and annoying, bird fouling can also be hazardous and needs to be dealt with by properly trained and qualified pest control operatives.

Birds can be a huge problem when they find their way into a building looking for food or simply looking to roost and be sheltered. This can cause an undesirable effect visually and in terms of health.

Droppings are not only unsightly; they can cause long term damage. Fresh droppings, whilst unpleasant, pose no risk to health. It is dried droppings that can potentially spread infection.

Spores from the droppings can be inhaled as dust and carried on the wind. They can cause flu like illness in healthy people, but pose more serious problems to those with low immunity.

Check out the video below, to a job we were called too in the South Bucks District where the previously installed spiking installed by another company had failed and was allowing the pigeons to roost and defecate directly above the staff entrance of the building. This is what can happen when bird proofing is not carried out or installed correctly.

bid netting on balcony in London
bird mess cleaning
London high-rise bird mess cleaning
bird netting installation
bird netting on high-rise building in London

Pigeon & Bird Control Techniques

We use all sizes of nets that are discreet, taut wires or blunt spikes which can be put on buildings to keep them off. Alternatively, stupefying materials may be used or cage traps can be set to catch pest birds, which are then humanely destroyed.

At Total Pest Control Solutions, we have bird proofing specialists that you can talk to direct to discuss all your needs and concerns.

Call us now on 020 8848 1254 to speak with our bird control expert.

Feral Pigeons (columba livia)

Wherever pigeons establish themselves they accumulate droppings and nesting materials.

Pigeon fouling makes buildings look dirty and shabby, and causes corrosion of mortar and masonry. In wet weather especially, droppings make pavements dangerously slippery, which can cause injuries to staff, clients and the general public.

The presence of pigeons poses a very real threat to the people living or working in an area. Pigeons not only introduce a variety of flies, textile pests and parasites, which cause damage and distress, they can also carry bacteria and viruses, which can be transmitted to humans.

The three most common methods of bird control for pigeons are anti-perching systems. These include netting, the spring and wire system and spikes.

A programme of bird proofing or pigeon proofing work can significantly reduce the high cost of cleaning and redecoration minimising the health and safety risk for you and your clients


Pigeons are descendants of the Rock Dove.

They are comfortable living in an urban environment. They tend to scavenge for food, often in substantial numbers where a good food supply is readily available – hence the need for pigeon controls.

If the conditions are right pigeons are able to breed all year round. They carry and can mechanically transfer to humans diseases such as salmonella.

Pigeons have also been known to carry diseases such as Chiamdiosis, a virus similar to influenza, and Psittacosis, similar to pneumonia.